Ilm-e-Deen Course

  • This one year course is specifically designed for students, professionals and businessmen. This course will cover basics of Deen (religion), daily routine life masail (problems solving), cleanliness/uncleanliness (paki/napaaki), right/wrong, halal/haram, need based masail.
  • This course is for:

  • This course is designed for people who cannot go to Madrassas as regular students. Since this course will be on weekends, The participants can easily manage this course while working/studying/doing business in parallel. Hopefully, this course will not be a resistance in their day to day routine work on weekdays.
  • Purpose (Maqsad):

  • After the completion of this one year course it is expected that the participants student will be able to live his life according to deen and will know the routine matters of his daily life as how to deal with them according to deen. If he is still not aware of the solution to his problems, he will be able to get the solution by consulting with the nearby authentic scholars (ulama and muftis).
  • Admission Process:

    •  Advertisement over social media (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp).
    •  Applications are accepted online.
    •  Application link is available only during the time admissions are open.
  • Interviews:

    •  Interviews are conducted over the slots which is selected by candidate during application process.
    •  Candidates are informed for the interview time, venue through social media (WhatsApp Groups).
    •  Punctuality is mandatory.
    •  It is suggested that CNIC, Student card should be accompanied while appearing for interview.
  • Interview Process:

    •  Candidate appears for interview and reports at welcome desk.
    •  Welcome desk marks the attendance and request the candidate to keep seated in waiting area for his turn.
    •  Upon turn, candidate is requested to appear in front of a panel for preliminary discussion.
    •  Candidate is requested to wait for next interview with CEO (Mufti Syed Adnan KakaKhel sb).
    •  After the interview with CEO, The interview stage is over and candidate is requested to wait for few days till the results are announced.
  • Interview Results:

  • Interview results are announced over WhatsApp groups that were created at the start.
  • Selection Criteria:

    •  Preference is given to candidates who are most deserving in terms of weakness in basics of deen, knowledge and ammal.
    •  Space will be a constrain towards selecting number of candidates, therefore, seats will always be limited.
  • Course Content:

  • There are total six areas covering this course.
  • Semester 1TafseerFiqahSeeratBasic Arabic
    Semester 2TafseerFiqahTajweedHadees
  • Course Content Details:

  • TafseerSurah Baqarah (complete).
    HadeesFrom Selected renowned Hadees Books like (Muarif ul Hadees and other Books.
    FiqahTahaarat, Ibadaat, Muamlaat.
    SeeratComplete Seerat un Nabi (From pre birth of Prophet SallallaHoAlleheWaaleheWassalam till the last time.)
    TajweedPractical Tajveed exercises are conducted so that Quran can be read correctly and Prayer (namaz) can be offered with correct pronunciation.
    Basic ArabicBasic level of Arabic is covered after which one is able to learn Quran and understand Quran.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  •  When this course starts?
    •  Islamabad: November
    •  Karachi: After Eid-ul-Fitr
  •  Duration of course?
    •  1 year: i.e. 2 semesters
  •  Admission / Joining an on-going course during the year?
    •  It is no facilitated and not recommended.
  •  Termination of course?
    •  Proper justification / reason has to be mentioned at the time of course termination before completion.
  •  Re-joining a course after termination?
    •  Candidate will be requested to sit with the class which is nearest to the course covered earlier by the candidate.
    •  The re-admission is conditional and subject the decision made by CEO.
  •  Timings of this course?
    •  MorningEvening
      Islamabad8 am to 1 pm (day)Depends on number of candidates / availability of space
      Karachi2 pm to 7 pm
  •  Course Enrollment Conditions?
    •  Professional, Businessman, Student of university.
  •  Course Enrollment Conditions?
    •  Lower age limit: 18 years minimum.
    •  Upper age limit: None.
  •  Books availability for Course?
    •  Books are provided on campus.
    •  Candidate will have to pay for the cost of books.
  •  Does Mufti Adnan KakaKhel Sb teach every class?
    •  It depends on the time-table and his availability.
    •  For classes to whom he cannot teach. Live sessions are arranged for those classes for the meet-ups.
  •  Course is free?
    •  Yes.
  •  Initial registration fee?
    •  Rs. 1000/-.